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Journaling Rubric

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Journaling Rubric is adapted from the University of Rio Grande webpage at:







Journal Entry Scoring Rubric

 Category Description



The quality of the student’s journal responses is exceptional.


· Journal responses demonstrate an in-depth, insightful understanding of the content and concepts  of emotional intelligence.


· Writing refers to relevant resources beyond examples provided by the instructors.


· Self-reflections demonstrate to the reader an increased understanding of the fundamental concepts of emotional intelligence.



The quality of the student’s journal response is commendable but not exceptional.


· The response is complete.


· The key vocabulary associated with the big ideas incorporated into the readings, course discussions and activities is used.


· Self-reflection reveals an indication of student growth and improvement.



The quality of student’s journal responses indicates a need for deeper understandingand/or reflection.


· Response is not timely, complete or is missing.


· Self awareness is not integrated into the student’s writing, and/or no documentation of  understanding provided.


· Self-reflection related to personal growth is not present

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