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Emotional Intelligence

Page history last edited by Cheryl Rolland 10 years, 6 months ago


 Emotional Intelligence

an Internet Based Lesson Plan

for Police Trainers



  • Cheryl Rolland (PB Wiki Developer and EDU 6430 student)
  • Chery Takkunen, Ph.D. (EDU 6430 instructor)



    1. Demo Student 1, crolland@css.edu
    2. Demo Student 2
    3. Demo Student 3      

Click on the Resources page for additional references. 

Part 1:


What are the components of the emotional intelligence framework?

What is self awareness?  What is assertiveness?  What is self regard?

What is self actualization?  What is empathy?  What is social responsibility?

What is impulse control?



View the following Slideshare Presentation on Emotional Intelligence.





Journal Assignment

Part 2:


The ability to identify how you feel is a core component of self awareness.

How do you describe your emotional state?  What words accurately reflect how you feel?


Click on the following link to the Six Seconds webpage. 


Use the Emotoscope to find a words to describe your feelings. 




 Journal Assignment

Part 3: 


Read two articles on Emotional Intelligences from John Mayer's Webpage.


Who is John Mayer?  Is there a scientific basis to emotional intelligence?






 Journal Assignment

Part 4:   



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