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Ron's Learning Journal

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Welcome to your learning journal page.  This page is for you to document your learning journey. 


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Ron Tominich Personal learning Journal

PSPBL Society Instructor certification


Ron Tominich Personal learning Journal.docx  


June 3- July 22: 8 hours per week: West Point Leadership (80 Hours)

071709: Instruct PTO refresher 1300-1700 4 hours

08/06/09 Chaired Board of Evaluators NPE’s

08/27-28/09 Lead instructor PBL with 48th recruit class

09/02/09 PBLE Curriculum Development Meeting: re write Phase A and B PBLE’s: Wyatt/ Sorenson/Tominich

09/4/09: Facilitate Phase A PBLE with basic recruit class: 14 PTO’s present

10/02/09 Facilitate Phase B PBLE with basic recruit class: 14 PTO’s present

10/11/09-10/13/09 PSPBL conference Coeur  d’Alene ID: awarded level III Instructor status. 

12/3/09-12/4/09: Chair PTO selection Boards.

12/08/09 PBL/PTO Curriculum Development Meeting: re write PTO school lesson plan on more PBL implementation.  Wyatt/ Sorenson/Tominich


02/08/10-02/12/10 Co-instruct basic 50 hour PBL/PTO school



Seven Habits of Highly effective people.

Comments (2)

rtominic@vbgov.com said

at 4:56 pm on May 13, 2010

Wow Ok, so I am trying to get ahold of Cherly so she can help me with the wonderful world of WIKI. I have an outline of lmy learning journal started and hope to exapnd on it and have those items posted.

Cheryl Rolland said

at 10:04 am on May 14, 2010

Hi Ron, It was good to talk to you this morning.
After our converstion, I realized another resource for your learning is located at the bottom of the welcome page.
There you will find a link to the PB Manual and a short "how to" video. Also, I added a sidebar page with some
information on how to upload and move documents in the WIKI. The "SideBar" can be used for many purposes and I
hope this one is helpful. Be safe and enjoy your weekend ---- Cheryl

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